Today is a reminder to everyone to always keep in mind that sometimes people do struggle in life. As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure and more and more we hear of so many unnessary deaths due to suicide. The world has changed and mental health is becoming a huge problem. Why? Well there could be so many reasons. Just recently I lost a sister (Bernie) to suicide and it really shook our whole family in many ways. Not just our family but also her friends as well. Bernie was a loving soul and full of life and laughter, a beautiful person with a big heart and we are all missing her. R U OK promotes the fact that we do need to ask others around us if they are ok and it also reminds us that if we ourselves are struggling then there is no shame in asking for help. 

Perko joined me on air this morning to talk about this very important day and although hard to do I wanted to talk about what had happened within our family (who I love so very much) so we can get the message out and help others. R U OK? Please share this story and listen to the audio and help save those that might need a hand. The more we ask the more people we save. Just one conversation could change a life