Problems with 000 calls

Senior Constable Stephen Smith joined me this morning with regards to problems with children making 000 calls. How many are they recieving a day that aren't for emergencies? Have a listen to our chat this morning.


Police are urgently appealing for parents and carers across the Mackay Police District NOT to give young children active or inactive mobile phones as a toy.

You may well ask why and the answer is that even an inactive mobile phone with no sim card can call Triple Zero (000).

Police have recently been receiving between three to twelve triple zero calls a day from young children who are accidentally making the calls.

These calls create a situation where police need to respond in some way to establish if an actual emergency situation is happening, remembering that triple zero is the preferred method of reporting an actual emergency situation which is happening now.

This response from police sometimes requires technical assistance from other locations and organisations in the state to find precisely where the call was made from.

The problem is that while police are working hard to establish if an emergency situation exists with one of these calls made by young children – a genuine emergency response may be delayed.

An extremely embarrassing situation for a parent or carer can be avoided so please do not give mobile phones to young children as a toy (yes, even the deactivated ones).

You can get more information on the triple zero process here.