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Are you going away for Easter?

The Easter break starts Friday and many of us are going away for the break Beside the Police being on the roads they are are also encouraging us to make sure we have our homes locked up properly and to let your neighbours know. SGT Nigel Dalton joined me this morning with some other tips to make sure your home is safe this morning for Policelink. 


As we lead into the school holiday period this weekend, we are expecting to see a quick increase in the number of motor vehicles on our roads.

You can expect to see an increased police presence as a result.

  • If you are planning to drink this weekend, plan not to drive. The odds are high that you will be stopped by police for a roadside breath test.
  • Travelling on the highway?  Drive to the conditions and be patient.
  • There will be an emphasis on speed enforcement this holiday period. Don’t take chances, obey the speed limit.
  • Pull over and rest if you notice the early signs of feeling tired.

No matter where you are planning to travel over the holiday period – get there safely!

Police will be doing their bit to ensure road safety as much as possible, but the end responsibility rests with drivers individually.