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Origin Game 1

It's been happening every year since 1981. And for the past 21 years my good mate Tommy Raudonikis and I have always had a wager and a bit of a dig at each other about State Of Origin. I could never come close to the talent of the great man, however I can claim to be a Queenslander and proud of it. One of our locals Bob Pacey every year is also a proud Queenslander and for every game puts together a poem that makes all Queenslanders very proud. I send these to Tommy every year and doesn't it stir him up. Have a listen to it and go "Queensland" for game 1 tonight. "Queeenslanderrrr!!!!


Queenslander 1 2019

There’s a rumble can you hear it

it’s vibrating through the floor.

You can feel it slowly building

to a God almighty roar.

There is nothing that’s quite like it

and it will chill ya to the bone.

And once the battles started

The whole of Queensland bleeds Maroon

Oh Those Blues are getting cocky

They say a win is not in doubt.

Mitchell’s primed and ready

so they’re packing heaps of clout.

Well you just go on spruiking Roaches

enjoy the build up if you must

Because when you come to Lang Park

you will be buried in the dust.

This is our home our castle

and Queensland will never yield.

We have fought so many battles

on this our sacred field.

Wally Lewis,  Artie Beetson

both keep a watchful eye.

I’ve seen the toughest cockroach tremble

some will even start to cry.

The Blues have picked their best team

they think they can win the crown.

But don’t discount this team of Queenslanders

Cause they will take ya best team down.

New faces there may well be

but the passions still the same.

The problem with the Roaches is

they think it’s just another game.

Kevie Walters tried to warn them

that this is not a game it’s WAR !.

and once more the hallowed Lang Park turf

will hear our victory roar !