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What's Entailed for Roadside Testing

This morning I was invited by the Mackay Police Service who took me through what is entailed for Roadside Drug and Alcohol Testing. The Statistics do speak for themselves and the last couple of years have not been that great. Did you know that 90% of Road Accidents are caused by driver under the influence? You can read more of the Road stats from the 1st of June for our region below. Thanks to Seargeant Simon Robinson for taking me through the whole  process. Cheers mate. Also thanks to Senior Constable Steve Smith for organising it all. This does come in 2 parts. but it is well worth watching and share. The main message is keep our ROADS SAFE And if you Drive under the INFLUECE at all, it's just a matter of If you will be Caught but WHEN.

01/06/2019 – 18/07/2019.

109 Drink Driver related incidents within the Mackay District
96 Drug Driver related incidents within the District.