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"March For Money" and Be Healthier

March for Money is a innitiative from Dr Raghu at Ooralea Dental. Dr Raghu decided to start this campaign because Mackay has the highest obesity weight in Australia. Dr Raghu with his family friends along with other businesess around the region have spent many hours dedicating their time to bring this innitiative together so we as a community can become healthier. It is a free  family event and it starts this Sunday with registration at 7am at 2 locations, John Breen Park and Bluewater Quay. Oh did I mention there is incentives for you and the family to show up? All you need to do is show up twice per week and you will receive vouchers and even cash so in theory not only are you becoming healthier but you are getting paid to do it. Not bad hey? Have a listen to the chat i had with Dr Raghu about you, the family and the community can become invoved in this community project from Health, Wealth and Happiness.