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Why we love our job

Working in Radio is a  job I love especially as a Announcer. You get to meet so many people including famous ones but the ones that really make the difference especially for Perko and I are our listeners. Without them we wouldn't be able to do what we love so much wether it be people who ring in while we are on air, send emails or follow us on social media. Have a read below of a message  we received on our Facebook page today. This is what makes our job very rewarding. If we can entertain, have a laugh or make someones day it makes our day and our job so special.


Morning crew! My Mum and Dad came to stay with me for 4 months in Mackay this year after Dad had open heart surgery. I’m renovating so he was Chief Ladder Holder and Paintbrush passer! He LOVED your station and especially Hammo. I downloaded the app and showed him how to connect to his UE Boom so now you are a visitor in their house every day. They are now back home near Merimbula in NSW. They have spent the last week evacuated to Canberra because of the bushfires. They are home now are preparing for more severe weather in the next two days. Wondering if you could give a shout out to my parents Ned & Barb and all the fire fighters doing the BEST job at keeping everyone safe. And coincidentally he looks like Daryl Braithwaite (who’s birthday it is today). If you dedicated The Horses to him, that wouldn’t be a drama!  I know you are busy but if you are able to give them a shout out, any chance you let me know an approximate time so I can make sure he hears it. Keep up the good work. Best tunes xxx