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Are You An Earthling?

Bob Rivers is somebody I have been following for many years. Bob is a very talented radio on-air personality he is a  producer and songwriter of parody songs.
Amazing talent, and you alway's have a laugh whenever you hear him. Like my Breakfast Show, "The Bob Rivers Show" is always a ton of fun with heaps of laughs and banter. I subscribe to his newsletter that has some great links that I get ideas off for my show. Very rarely do you ever hear Bob being serious, however in times like this with the CoV19, sweeping the world we all have to take things in our stride, and educate people about how special our planet is and the life that inhabits it.
Bob sent through a very inspiring letter through last night which I totally agree with and endorse. I emailed Bob and asked if I could utilise what he had sent through and change a few words so it encompassed us as Aussies. Bob said he would be honoured. "Wow" I'm the one that should be honoured. have a listen and think and reflect. Yep we are all "Earthlings"

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