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Mon 20 May 2019 08:26 am to 08:26 am

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  • Mackay Turf Club

Blue River Mackay Lions Club like all Lions Clubs is a not- for profit service club where funds raised go directly to assist a variety of humanitarian, environmental and health projects within the local community. The club was established in 2010 and is in the process of rebuilding. We aim to assist locally with projects for the homeless amongst other things.

We are always happy to review new members who wish to assist in the local community.

Blue River Mackay Lions Club aims to raise enough money to provide one small renal dialysis bus (potentially 2) to the local health service area. This will enable those self- dialysing consumers who are unable to dialyse at home because of water quality or other issues to access this service closer to their home. This will reduce their need to travel and improve their quality of life considerably. There is potential also for those who travel to the area as part of their holidays to access this service providing they are well enough to do so.

To be successful, this project will require significant fund-raising and grant applications. To that end we seek your support for this very worthwhile project.

Chronic kidney disease is a significant and growing public health issue, responsible for a substantial burden of illness and premature mortality. Approximately 1.7 million Australians (1 in 10) over the age of 18 have signs of chronic kidney disease, such as reduced kidney function. Less than 10% of these people are aware that they have this condition. One in 1400 people is either on dialysis or living with a kidney transplant. In 2016, home dialysis 29% of all dialysis in Queensland. (statistics: Kidney Health Australia, March 2018). Consumers who require dialysis may do so via either peritoneal dialysis or haemodialysis.

Consumers who require haemodialysis are connected to a machine 3 times week for at least 4 to 5 hours each time to filter out the toxins no longer able to be removed by their kidneys. One in 10 people who require haemodialysis in Australia are on home haemodialysis. This option provides much more flexibility in the time of day, and hours of dialysis that the consumer can access.