The founder if Icon, Stuart Giles, was in Mackay on Friday for the opening of the Icon Cancer Centre

A $3.5 million Linear Accelerator that targets cancer cells with incredible precision so it doesn't affect other cells and organs.Everything to do with cancer treatment from chemotherapy to bone marrow proceedures, and the ability to do clinical trials to benefit cancer patients around Australia and the world, it's all part of the Icon Cancer Centre that officially opened on Friday.

I spoke to the founder of Icon, Stuart Giles, Nurse Manager Amii - and the Mayor of Mackay, Councillor Greg Williamson on a very special day. To hear the interviews, press the audio button - runs about 4 minutes total.

No more will the 750 local people diagnosed with cancer each year have to travel away from their family for weeks on end. In reality, we never want to see inside the Icon Cancer Centre, but if we have to, it is a fantastic way forward for health in our region,

Icon Stuart Giles