Dolly Everett - the 14 year old "face" of the anti-bullying campaign

No easy way to say it. Dolly Everett was a victim of bullying - and ended her life aged just 14.

In remeberance of Dolly, and to highlight the problem and perhaps change other young lives, Dolly's Dream Foundation has been set up to fundraise and promote the anti-bullying message.

Carol Booth is an Isaac Regional Council Australia Day Award winner in 2018 - and she's also Dolly's great aunt. I spoke to Carol on 4MK this morning about  a fundraiser she's organising at the Koumala Hotel on Saturday February 24th - just press the audio button to hear the interview.

It was supposed to be a fun little Karaoke night from 6pm - but due to fantastic support from sponsors from all over the regiion, the Dolly's Dream Fundraiser is going to be one heck of a night!

To find iout more, listen to the interview or go to Dolly's Dream Foundation in your search engine - and if you'd like to donate to the Dolly's Dream Foundation, the BSB number is 035 313 and the account number 237 623.