Are you a ratepayer in the region affected by Cyclone Debbie? You need to listen to this.

Cutting to the chase, the Qld State Government has met the request from local government authorities and commited to $110 million in funding for the various types of damage caused by Cyclone Debbie around 120 days ago - and the Deputy Premier re-affirmed that last night.

Under the National Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangement (NDRRA), 50% in Category D funding comes from the state and 50% from the commonwealth. On Friday evening, the federal government announced that they would not match the state government - instead a measly $28.3 million has been allocated.

Member for Dawson and government member, George Christensen is furious and Mayors Greg Williamson (Mackay) and Andrew Willcox (Whitsundays) are even more angry.

However, they will get their facts together and in the short term, a deputation will head to Canberra to try to get a better outcome, because the alternative should be a major concern to you if you are a ratepayer. The work must be done before the next cyclone season - and someone has to pay for it.