Glen Campbell is gone, but after 70+ albums, his music will remain forever!

Today, we paid homage to one of the greats, Glen Campbell on Rocks In Your Head - have a listen to Dave who got all five questions right including the faily obvious first one! - just press the audio button.

We covered his magnificent career and his classic hits, and the diagnosis of Alzheimer's Disease in late 2011 aged 75. Instead of retiring, he kept performing, and with his family, made a documentary called "I'll Be Me" that apparently has been of immense help to sufferers, their families and organisations.


But I also remember Glen from when it started - not as the 5 octave pure-voiced singer - but as a simply brilliant guitarist who as a member of the legendary Wrecking Crew backed everyone from Elvis to Sinatra.

He was acknowledged as one of the fastest and most fluent guitarists of all time - so have  a listen to him doing "The William Tell Overture" - look out for playing the guitar above his head - another great way to remember a great man!