State and local government working together in a $1.2 million project at River Street boat ramp

First of all - just take a look at that stunning spring sky and the pristine waters of our Pioneer River, one of only two blue water rivers on the east coast of Australia. I'm amazed about 4 million people aren't living here.........but kinda happy about that too!

So congratulations to mainly state but also local government for commiting to around $1.2 million for the long overdue upgrade of River Street boat ramp in the centre of Mackay City. With our 6 metre tides, a major undertaking, but when finished will see a wider ramp but more importantly a 60 metre pontoon that will allow people to safely enter and exit boats of various sizes.

I talked to a very happy Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson about the old days as a kid growing up, trying to launch or retrieve even a small tinny on a running tide - with quite spectacular negative outcomes!

There'll be short term pain with the closure of the boat ramp while the works are done - but long term gain as pressure will be taken off the Marina boat ramp - and allow safe use of a modern boat ramp in the centre of Australia's most liveable city.........just ask me!

River Street Boat Ramp 2