The disgraceful situation with the Old Commonwealth Bank must be remedied - before it's too late

Around three years ago, it was all going swimmingly. The owner of the Old Commonwealth Bank in Victoria Street had started a multi-million dollar refurbishment to bring her back to her glory. 

Then it was found that he hadn't appled for the correct state heritage approvals to do the work - and stopped work with the facade oncovered and open to the weather - and there is has sat for about three years.

I spoke to Member for Mackay Julieanne Gilbert this morning (press the auido button if you think this is important - runs about 2 minutes) and she's made the relevant minister Stephen Miles well aware of the situation - and numerous "Show Cause" notices have been issued to the owner - with no response.

Old Com Bank

Apparently fines are the next step - but if it comes to a point where this beautiful old building - a State Heritage Listed Building - becomes dangerous and needs to be demolished - who is going to take the blame?

Old Com Bank 1