Deb's Seafoods and Vella's Fish Bar currently 2 of 5 Qld finalists in Australian Fish & Chips Awards!

After just one week of voting in the Australian Fish & Chips Awards, two of the top 5 locations in Queensland are in Mackay - Deb's Seafoods and Vella's Fish Bar against all the arty farty venues in Brisbane and places like Townsville and Cairns


I spoke to organiser Peter Horvat about the competiton

To hear, press the audio button.

Let's make a local business number 1 in Australia. Voting goes until September 15th and it's as simple as going to your browser and typing in Australian fish and chips awards.

You nominate your favourite place and give your email so you can confirm your choice - and that's it

Do it today - I tend to forget these things!

Debs Seafood outdoor dining