$3000 worth of Barramundi fingerlings are being released into Eungella Dam tomorrow from 2pm

The Mackay Area Fish Stocking Association (MAFSA) and other northern fish stocking associations have been absolutely "shafted" by the state government and southern groups - but tomorrow, they do what makes them MAFSA ,members - they're releasing 1500 baby barra into Eungella Dam

I spoke to MAFSA Secretary and publicity officer, Keith Day on 4MK today

Press the audio button to hear about the release and how you can be involved

Because of what the State has done, MAFSA will now miss out on $18,000 from license fees for their three impoundments and that wil have a dramatic effect on fish stocking in this region

But Keith was there when the whole fish stocking thing started - and he'll be there protecting this wonderful volunteer service into the future too!

MAFSA fingerling release