One of the funniest comedians in history - will no longer perform live

When Sir William Connolly started playing in Scottish bands like the Humblebums with his mate Gerry Rafferty, he could not possibly have dreamed what life would bring him.

Today, Billy Connolly, a man who made the world a little more happy a place to live in, announced that he would no longer do live shows.

My greatest memory is of attending a Billy Connolly concert where two little old ladies were sitting in front of me as he launched into a tirade against stingers, taipans and other "nasties" in Queensland.

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Sir Billy beat Prostate Cancer and has battled Parkinson's Disease for the last 5 years or so - but has his loving family including our own Pamela Stephenson, his wife of 29 years and his 5 children to help him enjoy his retirement after giving so much enjoyment to others!

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