Queenslander and Cowboys supporter Lee Anderson, former QFES Commissioner - talks about the fires

I first met Lee Anderson in Townsville in the early 80s when the passionate young fireman did weekend casual shifts on radio 4TO where I was working.

Lee went on to become the Commissioner of the Qld Fire & Emergency Services and is currently a board member of the Bushfire and Natural Hazards Cooperative Research Centre that draws together all of Australia and New Zealand's fire and emergency service authorities, land management agencies, as well as non-government organisations and leading experts across a range of scientific fields to explore the causes, consequences and mitigation of natural disasters.

In short, Lee is very heavily involved in emergency management and I spoke to him on 4MK.

Press the audio button to hear the 3 minute interview

Very articulate, I think you will find Lee's comments very interesting as he talks about the fire emergency we've just experienced and whether this is a taste of things to come - and what needs to be done to make things more manageable in the future.

QFES Lee Johnston