Adani CEO Lucas Dow on job applications, the U.N. and a little Finch Adani is protecting!

You may have heard that the United Nations have called on the State Government to halt the Adani project until Native Title issues are sorted.

You may not know that the affected Wangan and Jagalingou people voted 294 to 1 - to support the Adani project - and yesterday told the UN to go away.

This morning I spoke to Adani Australia CEO Lucas Dow on 4MK

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14,500 people have registered to be part of the Adani workforce, (5661 unemployed at the time) - in a state where unemployment rates are a real concern.

Mr Dow also talks about the Black-throated Finch that will be protected in a management plan approved by the federal government - but now at the last minute, the State Government has set up an "enviro task force" on the matter - despite over 80 conditions being imposed in the plan!

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