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The LNP Sacking sitting member Jason Costigan. The big political story in our region

There were only two people present - a young lady who said one thing  and Member for Whitsunday Jason Costigan who 's said another.

Based on the allegations, the LNP sacked Costigan who now sits on the cross benches in state parliament.

I spoke to both Deputy LNP leader Tim Mander and Jason Costigan to get both sides of the story.

To listen to some comments from both, press the audio button - runs about 3 minutes

Whitsunday Regional Council also passed a motion 7-nil to write and ask for clarification on whether Jason Costigan could be refused entry to schools.

The Education Department replied, saying (in part) ".......all Members of Parliament are entitled to visit schools within their electorate subject to operational convenience of the particular school".