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State Government quotas forcing professional fishermen to catch breeding Black Jewfish!

In 2019, the Qld State Government issued a 20 tonne quota for Black Jewfish for the whole Queensland coast and because of the huge numbers of fish, the quota was reached in 38 days.

As of today's date, 42% of the 2020 quota has been reached, so by the end of January, no more will be able to be caught.

I spoke to professional fisherman Greg Sichter on 4MK today.

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The WORST thing about this is that while the government talks about ensuring a sustainable fishing industry, the Black Jewfish breeding season is right now, so most of the fish being caught and killed - are breeding fish full of roe as per the photo

Greg wants to see the quotas dropped and a fishing closure brought in as is the case with Baramundi - he's suggesting November 1st to March 1st - but he can't get anyone from Government to talk to him!

Black Jewfish