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Locals Helping Locals - Fresh local prawns caught yesterday on sale today!

All local seafood retailers have been hit by the effects of the Corona Virus, none more so than Mackay Seafoods who've lost their export markets to China and Hong Kong plus Australian capital cities as restaurants close - even our local restaurants are affected.

Lets support our local seafood providers and instead of more than 75% of the seafood we eat coming from overseas as is the case now, let's turn it around and make it 75% LOCAL!

I spoke to Mackay Seafood's David Caracciolo on 4MK this morning

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Banana prawns caught off Cape Hillsborough yesterday are on sale in River Street today for only $17.99 a kilo - but lets support all our favourite seafood providers because they're doing it really tough - locals helping locals!

And seafood is really good for you.

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