Only 10% of local boaties are members of VMR at $85 a year. There's a word for that.

When Daryl Howland from VMR Mackay told me that only 10% of local boaties are members of VMR and membership is only $85, I won't tell you what my first though was.

People pay tens of thousands for a boat. If they're not a VMR member, they could pay thousands more to be rescued because non-members pay ALL the costs - and then there's the possibility of families being stuck out on the water or worse

I talked to Daryl on 4MK

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I'm not a boatie, have nothng to do with boats, but if you're not a member of your local VMR and you venture out onto the water with family/friends in your boat worth $10 or $100,000 - can't say it

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