Sadly, the Festival has had to be cancelled but it's going to be HUUUUUGE in 2021!

7 years ago, Gavin Butlin chose a quiet weekend in Airlie to launch an annual music festival to create a party atmosphere and stimulate the local economy - and it's done exactly that!

This week, the heartbreaking decision has been made to cancel for this year and I spoke to Butto on 4MK.

Press the audio button to hear his passion

This Saturday, the crew will be staging "Tunes In The Marina" at Port of Airlie with 7 acts including the legendary Toni Childs performing off the back of a ferry while in the interview Butto says ALL the big acts he'd signed for this year including The Animals from the UK have re-signed for 2021 - so it is going to be huge

ABFOM 2018 crowd shot