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Residents are being invited to take part in a 'Walk For Water' on Saturday.  

The Mackay Conservation Group said they will be rallying to defend groundwater from Adani as various approvals are "rushed through".  

The group said the Walk for Water rally will kick off the federal election campaign in central Queensland and comes just days after the Federal Government rushed through Adani’s groundwater plans after political interference in the assessment process and despite a scathing report of the plan by the CSIRO.

Michael Kane, community organiser with the Mackay Conservation Group said, “The Rally will be one of the biggest election events in the Mackay region. Central Queenslanders understand the threat of climate change and want urgent action. 58% of Queensland still in drought and climate change is slated to bring more fierce droughts, bushfires, coral bleaching and extreme weather events”.

“This election will be the climate election and the litmus test for candidates credibility on climate will be their position on the Adani mine”

The Walk for Water Rally will come just days after the Federal Government rushed through Adani’s Water License

“This rushed decision to approve Adani’s groundwater plan is a nakedly political decision that ignores due process and leaves many unanswered questions about the mine’s impact on the Great Artesian Basin”.

“Mackay residents are concerned about the impact Adani will have on Queensland’s groundwater and the majority of residents support the government reviewing Adani’s ground water licenses”

“Hundreds of Mackay residents will be joining the march to send a clear message during the federal election - The Government has failed to protect Queensland’s precious water”.

Mackay cane grower Len Thompson, “The Federal Government has thrown farmers under a bus. Not only does mining and burning coal cause climate change and mean more extreme weather for farmers to deal with, but there are still big questions over Adani’s groundwater impacts. Federal Government scientists have raised significant questions about Adani’s water modelling, and farmers have big questions about Adani’s trustworthiness - any company being investigated for illegal drilling into Queensland’s groundwater should not be entrusted with Queensland’s most precious resource, our water.”

It comes after the Federal Environment Minister appoved Adani's groundwater plan thanks to what the Mackay Conservation group said was political pressure from pro-coal LNP MPs.

This is despite the CSIRO making significant criticisms of the modelling and assumptions that Adani relied on for this plan and while it is still unclear whether Adani is required to respond. In particular, the CSIRO report finds that Adani underestimates the potential impacts on the Doongmabulla springs, part of the Great Artesian Basin according to the Group.  

The Mackay Conservation Group said Adani is licenced to take 12.5 billion litres from the Suttor River annually to wash its dirty coal. That’s more than the 122,000 residents of Mackay use each year. Adani can also take unlimited groundwater for free.

Despite last month’s floods, sixty per cent of Queensland is still experiencing a raging seven year drought the group said.