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CFMEU Says Mackay Ring Road Project In Disarray

The federal government’s much-vaunted Mackay ring road project is in disarray after the announcement that major contractor Multifix has collapsed owing local subcontractors hundreds of thousands of dollars according to the CFMEU.

The union said concerns have been raised that principal contractor CPB had been aware of the precarious financial position of Multifix for months, but did little to ensure subbies and direct employees were not burned in the event of a collapse.

CFMEU regional organiser Kane Lowth warned that CPB, which only a week ago had to shut this site down because of serious safety breaches, now have serious questions to answer.

“Why, for starters, have they put the livelihoods of workers on this site at risk by failing to be more pro-active and monitor their subcontractors?”

“CPB continued to operate in the full knowledge that doubts surrounded this major subcontractor, and now CPB must ensure everyone is paid in full”.

“This continued reckless behaviour by CPB demonstrates the lack of oversight by the federal government when it comes to handing out tax payers money to its corporate mates,” Mr Lowth said.

“It’s simply not good enough for the local member to prance around in his leotard saying he fights for local jobs while workers lose their entitlements and subbies potentially go broke right under his nose”.

“Grandstanding as some self-styled and self-important maverick MP is not going to put money in the pockets of people that have already done the work”.

“CPB is a company that has form in managing sites that have issues with noncompliance with workplace health and safety and unpaid workers entitlements.”

“George Christensen needs to come out strongly against this repeat offender and back the workers and local businesses that have been impacted by the incompetent management CPB has provided to date”.

We contacted CPB for a response to these claims and were told that no one would be commenting.  

By Michelle Price