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Palmer Prematurely Forming 'Shadow Ministry'


Image Credit: AAP Image/Dan Peled

Clive Palmer's United Australia Party has appointed Colin Thompson Shadow Minister for Resources and Energy on Tuesday.

Mr Thompson is the United Australia Party’s federal candidate for Dawson on the North Queensland coast.

He started his working career as a fitter and turner and progressed through supervisory positions into senior management roles covering the food, processing, manufacturing, power and mining industries.

Mr Thompson is a firm believer in communication and clear direction as the key to success.

He said the United Australia Party would create jobs and generate more revenue by encouraging the use of the mineral resource wealth of Western Australia and Queensland to support downstream manufacturing in states and territories that don’t have those resources.

“Japan has become the world’s third largest economy by processing Australian resources. The cost of energy is more expensive in Japan and Japan suffers from the tyranny of distance. Wages are also higher, yet Australia sells its mineral ores at a low price per tonne and Japan sells final products for many thousands times more.

“Processing Australian resources at home will create jobs, increase exports and provide a higher standard of living,’’ he said.

“The United Australia Party will also help Australian families by reducing power prices. We will order a state-by-state review of the power company infrastructure loans we’re all paying for,’’ Mr Thompson said.

The appointment comes ahead of the May 18 Federal Election.  

Mr Palmer is based in Herbert but is yet to confirm is he will stand as a candidate in the seat or in the Senate.

Cathy O'Toole won the seat by just 37 votes in 2016. 

By Michelle Price