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School Students Take To Streets Over Climate Change

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Following the global #ClimateStrikes held on March 15, students from across Australia are taking their concerns about climate inaction right to their Federal Politician’s offices, just a fortnight out from the Election. The school strikers have invited everyone to join them for a #ClimateElection National Day of Action on May 3.

Actions are planned in every State and Territory and are being registered here:

“Our politicians are supposed to represent us. When we care about something, they should too. The vast majority of Australians want climate action - yet we are not seeing this reflected in the climate policies being put forward by the major parties. My generation urgently needs real climate leadership. That means 1) stopping Adani's dangerous coal mine, 2) not approving any new fossil fuel projects and 3) committing to 100% renewables by 2030," said Maria Khan, 13, from Adelaide.

“Climate change is already here. People are hurting. Communities are suffering. Despite this, our very own representatives are prioritizing the interests of big fossil fuel companies over their constituents! Last week, we learnt our Environment Minister approved Adani’s dodgy water plan despite scientists raising serious concerns that Adani ignored, bringing the coal billionaire one step closer to digging its deadly mine,” said Narii Salmon, 17, from the Gold Coast.

"Just yesterday, Federal Labor committed 1.5 billion dollars to unlock gas reserves in Australia’s North - a move that can only be described as an utter disappointment. Why are our politicians sticking up for the coal and gas industries ahead of young people like us, whose futures are on the line if climate change remains ignored? We deserve a Government that takes climate change seriously," said Doha Khan, 17, from Adelaide.

“May 3rd is our last chance before the election to push politicians to commit to taking real, meaningful action on climate change. We, students, are leading this fight - but everyone will be affected, and so we invite the whole community to be involved in demanding real climate action and calling on our politicians to show the climate leadership we need,” said Sara McKoy, 16, from Brisbane.