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Independent Candidate For Dawson Subjected To Torrent Of Abuse

Lachlan Queenan is an Independent candidate for the seat of Dawson at the upcoming Federal Election and claims he has been subjected to abuse, including name calling and cursing while visiting pre-polling booths.

Lachlan said people have been trying to "rough [sic] me up the wrong way", he blamed the "apathy amongst the electorate".

Mr Queenan who was an LNP member in a previous life, said "the Australian voters have been treated with contempt for some time and they want answers and they want results".

He admitted that even now his beliefs don't differ too much from the LNP, and suspects that may be one of the reasons he's been subjected to abuse.

Mr Queenan said the major parties aren't delivering and now, unfortunately, anyone who puts their hand up whether they be a minor party or an independent, they're being given a hard time too.

He said he left his job as a Master Mariner because he wanted to see some action in the political arena, adding "I've only been in this business three weeks and it's been a very interesting three weeks, but you don't go into this business to be attacked".

Mr Queenan said there has been lots of name calling during pre-polling, saying he has been called a "thief, a robber" and told to "f*#& off".

Mr Queenan said "make your vote clear in the [ballot box], don't abuse people for having a go".

Weighing in on a suspected arson attack which targeted Labor's candidate for Leichhardt, Belinda Hassan, he said no one deserves that.

Someone broke into the fuel tank of Belinda’s campaign car on Gordon Street between 9:00PM on Sunday and 8:30AM on Monday.

Mackay Police said a singed plastic bag was located in the fuel tank.

Mr Queenan said we have to work out why this is happening adding that voters want to see results.

Mr Queenan said people are walking in to pre-polling booths just to get their names ticked off on the electoral roll. His impression is that a majority don't want to vote and don't know who they're voting for. He labelled the system "broken".

He was also critical of the leadership challenges within both of the major parties. He also admitted that he doesn't think Scott Morrison or Bill Shorten should run the country.

Mr Queenan said we need some more independents in Canberra, speculating that there will be a "minority Government of some sort and then we're gonna have to go back to the polls".

He is calling for a "major restructure" of Labor and the Liberals, saying they don't deserve another go.

In North Queensland he said they are still waiting for dams and power stations to be built, saying "we've had one year's rainfall here in North Queensland and we have not captured one drop, now if we were smart we would have built these dams yesterday and we would have captured that water and we would have built a system that gets water from the north to the south and the east to the west".

Mr Queenan went on, "it's not just about the people of North Queensland, it's about the people of Australia and how we prosper long term and we need major infrastructure that's going to be security, insurance for the Australian people so we survive going forward".

"If we don't have politicians that want to tackle the big items, they shouldn't be there" he said.