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Robbery Charges, Mackay Harbour

An Andergrove man has been charged over a robbery at Mackay Harbour.  

Police claim that at 1:45PM on Monday two men were driving in a car on the dirt roads at East Point when they found the 29-year-old man near his vehicle which was bogged in the sand.

The pair stopped to assist the bogged driver who allegedly became highly agitated and began yelling at them.

It is then alleged that as the men returned to their car to leave, the bogged driver approached one of them and pushed him before taking tobacco out of his shirt pocket. He then allegedly approached the second man, pushed him and stole his mobile phone before running away into nearby sand dunes.

Police were contacted and arrived with multiple officers and the dog squad, who quickly located the alleged thief.

The man was charged with two counts of robbery and is due to appear in Mackay Magistrates court on Tuesday.  

Quote this reference number: QP1901173145