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EXPERT | Anti-Bullying Education Starts At Home

Say 'no' to bullying

A clinical psychologist is calling for parents to raise their children to have a zero tolerance to bulling and physical violence outlook.

This comes after a 12-year-old girl was violently bashed outside a Mackay school last week, the whole ordeal captured on video.  

CQ University's Doreen Canoy said you need to look at why the individual did this, "We can't always look for everyone else to try and solve things, you can't expect the Government to put a rule in place and that's going to stop bullying, we need to start at home, we need to raise our children to understand that whilst they're important and special, they're no more important and special than someone else and to treat people with respect".

She also said that bullying education starts at home, but added "Now that's not to say that, by any means, that every person who bullies someone has grown up in a terrible environment, coz that's not true either, but a good portion of times I think we need to look at the individual and that's what makes these problems so tough...because there is not one blanket answer for everyone".

Ms Canoy said we need look at what's going on in their life and what role models they have to try to understand their violent behaviour, "People can sit back and say, well you know right from wrong, not everyone does, it depends on the environment we're raised in, not everyone's able to process their emotions in the same way, it's not an excuse for those types of behaviours, but if we want to change them, naming and shaming and wanting to lock everyone up, isn't the answer either".

By Michelle Price