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Locals Helping Change Minds One Hair Follicle At A Time


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Suicide is one of the biggest killers with over 65 thousand attempts made in Queensland each year.

The Heart to Heart Hairdressing campaign is hoping to break this cycle.

Hairdressers in Mackay are being offered free training to learn how to talk suicide prevention and domestic violence with their clients.

Grapevine Group Campaign Organiser Debbie Knight said their campaign is aimed at hairdressers and barbers in the region.

She said they are offering to train locals to identify risk factors free of charge.

Ms Knight said the training happens over a period of four hours. They will be taken through Domestic Violence awareness training.

She believes 'awareness' is key to cutting the rate of domestic violence incidents, "because when you have more awareness, both the issues of suicide prevention and domestic violence can have a greater impact".

"Hairdressers are in a unique position, where they often have a strong bond with their clients and they can also check in with most clients every month" meaning they are able to notice small changes she said.

5,000 have already been trained in suicide prevention in the region.

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