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Illegal Phone Porting, West Mackay


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A West Mackay resident has sprung someone who was trying to steal their number!

They received an email from their Telco advising them that their request to port their mobile phone had been received and was being processed.

Porting a mobile phone occurs when the account linked to a number is transferred from one Telco to another.

The problem for the West Mackay resident in this matter is that they were not the individual responsible for the porting request which was made.

Although the resident lost connection to their account briefly as a result of the porting request, it was recovered very quickly after consultation with the relevant telco company after further communications.

No money was lost but the concerning aspect for the resident is the knowledge that an identity thief has access to some identifying information about them.

Click here to learn more about how porting works, how to respond and how you can stop it.

If you are ever targeted by identity crime and need advice on what to do, contact ID CARE.

Quote this reference number: QP1902211692