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Tamil Family Waiting Anxiously For Judge's Decision

The Tamil family facing deportation back to Sri Lanka are awaiting a decision after a two day Federal court case. 

The judge overseeing the case has taken leave to deliberate and it could now be up to three months before a final decision is made. 

Family friend and fellow Biloela resident Angela Fredericks said the family are continually anxious but are staying positive.

"We're on Christmas Island and we get two hour visits a day with the family," she said.

"At the moment their spirits are quite high just for the fact that we're here with them.

"Just the fact that they've got a bit of home over here makes things a bit easier."

Ms Fredericks said although the family is hoping for the best, they are prepared for whatever the outcome is.

"We have got contingency plans for either way, so at the end of the day we do have to ensure their safety if our government doesn't," she said. 

Ms Fredericks said the government should end all of this today and let the Tamily family return home. 

"I think it's so crazy that you've got all these staff and guards just guarding this family of four," she said.

"It's absolutely ridiculous, this is no place for children. "What a waste of money this government is spending doing this."