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Appeal for assistance with attempted car theft, North Mackay

The noise of a thief reversing a car and crashing into a carport woke multiple residents in Scriha Drive, North Mackay at about 11.45pm on June 27.
The unlocked dual cab was parked in the front driveway when the thief gained entry.
The car owner and neighbours discovered the car left abandoned with the engine running in the carport.
Nobody was found in the area at the time.
Police were contacted but have not been able to find the person responsible.
Anyone who may have witnessed any suspicious behaviour in the area at the time or who has information about the matter is encouraged to contact police as soon as possible.
Police are urging vehicle owners to ensure that they are fully secured when unattended, especially during night time hours when most car thieves are active.
Never leave your car keys unattended inside of a vehicle.