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Burglar disturbed, Andergrove


At about 8.30pm on July 4, the resident of a home in Dollarbird Lane, Andergrove was disturbed by the noises of a person attempting to lift a security screen door off of its tracks.

The resident moved to the front door of the house and surprised the person interfering with the door who responded by turning and running down the street in the direction of Eaglemount Road.

The resident gave chase over some distance – the person who attempted to gain entry into the home was running so fast to avoid being captured that their footwear was dislodged from their feet in the process.

No entry was gained into the home and nothing was stolen.

The person attempting to gain entry into the home is described as being a tall man with fair complexion, clean shaven, early 20’s and a thin build. They were wearing a black hoodie with a visible white logo or writing on the rear of the hoodie itself.

Basic security measures taken by the resident such as locking the front door, frustrated the burglar in their attempts to gain entry to the home.

Police encourage all residents to use available and simple security measures in their homes, especially during night time hours.

Lock your doors and secure your windows.

If you witness any suspicious behaviour at all, please report the matter as soon as possible.