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Holiday-makers will be missing these bikes, Bowen

In a horribly unlucky turn of events for holiday-makers to the Bowen area, police have come into possession of two bicycles and a bike rack.

On August 12, an unknown vehicle towing a caravan turned left from Livingstone Street into Herbert Street in Bowen.

Their bike rack, attached to the back of their caravan, broke off, depositing the two bicycles onto the road.

Locals quickly retrieved the bicycles which were still secure in their rack, and passed the property onto police.

Police immediately contacted local caravan parks in case the owners noticed them missing.

To date, nobody has claimed the bicycles, or subsequently reported them missing.

One of the bicycles is a black and orange Fluid Grizzly mountain bike with a large beach tyre on the rear.

The second bicycle is a silver and dark blue Trek 3700 mountain bike.


Both bicycles are missing their front wheels – normal practice for transporting on a vehicle-mounted rack.
If you are the owner of these items, your property is waiting for you at the Bowen Police Station.
Simply quote reference number QP2001697860 and bring in the front wheels to match!