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Jobseeker cuts to severely impact Cairns


A new report by Deloitte shows the first time the severe impacts on the Cairns economy of the Federal government 's decision to reduce the Jobseeker allowance.

Cairns Anti-Poverty spokesperson Kim Lucas said if Jobseeker returns to $40 per day, the economy for Cairns region would decline by $241 million over two years, causing a loss of 1743 jobs in the Cairns region.

"We have been concerned that this cut will throw many Cairns families back into poverty, but now it is clear that the flow on affect to our local businesses will also be dire." Ms Lucus said.

"The Cairns Anti-Poverty Network calls on Warren Entsch MP to fight for Far North Queensland and oppose these cuts that will hit our region so hard."

From next week (September 25), the Jobseeker allowance drops by $200 per fortnight, before dropping back further to its original pre COVID rate of $40 per day from the January 1.