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Local boy rallies for abandoned animals


A local animal lover is doing what he can to help lost and abandoned animals across the Mackay region. 
12 years ago, Emmett Withers began collecting pet food and supplies to donate to local animal rescue and welfare groups, such as M.A.R.S.; Australian Wildlife Rescue Service and Pound Rescue. 
However due to COVID Emmett says they didn't hit the targets he was hoping for last year, but still managed to donate quite a bit of food. 
"I can't put a number on it but it was well over a tonne of food," Emmett says. 
"Lots of large donations from big business like SF produce donated, Woolworths Canelands donated, the mount pleasant store donated as well." 
This year Emmett and his charity Emmett 4 Animals, is hoping to go above and beyond last years donation total and hit 2.5 tonnes of food and supplies to give back to local groups and foster careers. 
Emmett says any donation big all small goes a long way. 
"Donating anything you can is absolutely appreciated and will be given locally to foster careers and so on," he says.  
"I want to try to reach the far corners of Mackay with my charity whether that be out west, up north a bit and down south a bit to Sarina."

If you would like to donate, there are local drop off points across the region at Woolworths Mount Pleasant and Canelands and Pert, Perry and Evans Veterinary Clinic on Nebo Road and Mount Pleasant.


Photo: Supplied Emmett Wiithers