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Celebrating now and the future: Mackay marks International Women's Day


For our deputy mayor, inclusivity of women has improved dramatically over recent years in Mackay.

There are seven female councillors at Mackay Regional Council - the most any term has ever seen.

Karen May says is proud more female voices are being heard when it comes to the decision-making around the future of the region.

"I think society as a whole, there's been a huge push on women in sport, women in boards, women in leadership roles, so I really think there is a positive vibe and a lot of respect for women around the Mackay region," Ms May says.

"This term of council we've bumped the trend and we've got seven female's really great to be able to have that female perspective around the council table," she says.

Today is International Women's Day, and to celebrate, local events are being held all week.

The theme is “Celebrate our present. Own our future”, which is a mantra Ms Kay says is inspiring for all women within the community.

"Owning our future is about really planning and pursuing what your dreams and desires are into the future, so really being the best version of yourself you can possibly be."

An International Women's Day Business Lunch is being held at the Mackay Entertainment & Convention Centre today, and Women's Week Awards will be held in Sarina on Saturday.