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Mackay dentist gives tips to have egg-cellent teeth this Easter


With Easter upon us, Mackay dentists are reminding locals that although chocolate is sweet, tooth decay is not.

They are urging parents to make sure kids are brushing their teeth to prevent long-term damage.

Dazzling Dental Surgery's Michael Yew says overindulging in chocolate is terrible for your teeth.

"If you don't clean your teeth really well, then the process of decay starts. The germs on your teeth and the sugar start the process of decay," Dr Yew says. 

Like most of regional Queensland, Mackay's water supply does not include fluoride.

Dr Yew says this also increases the risk of decay.

Brushing regularly with a fluoridated toothpaste is vital, he adds.

"Parents should be supervising, just to make sure [kids] bush their teeth twice a day and brush properly," he says.