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More drug testings to be done on Mackay roads


Mackay police are boosting their efforts to catch drug drivers in the region.

Officers are taking part in a 'Drug driving detection Training Course' today to learn how to conduct drug driving testing.

Mackay Sergeant Nigel Dalton says a group of officers have nearly completed their training and are putting it in place.

"They're actually on the road at the moment with those who have completed the course, doing some testing with the motorists in Moranbah," he says.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, drivers with drugs in their system are ten times more likely to cause a crash.

Sergeant Dalton says the training will help to reduce the risk of drug drivers on Mackay roads.

"Seven more officers throughout the Highlands, the Coalfields, will be drug-qualified testers, we are going to be doing [a lot] more drug testings," he says.