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Mackay Council bans dogs at Cape Hillsborough


Dogs will no longer be allowed at Cape Hillsborough after the Mackay Regional Council made changes to local laws.

The changes which were passed at a Council meeting on Wednesday complement State Government laws, which prohibit dogs in national parks.

Mackay Mayor Greg Williamson says the changes were necessary to protect the native wildlife after reports that wallabies have been attacked.

"There have been some very, very vicious attacks by dogs and the wallabies, and of course the wallabies are a huge tourist attraction," Mr Williamson says.

Fines already apply for anyone who is caught with a pet in Cape Hillsborough National Park, but that has now been extended to include the beach front and Risley Parade.

Mr Williamson says park rangers will monitor the area and enforce the new laws over the next few months.

"We're out to make sure that people do not do it and in the adoption of this local law, there will be consequences for people who do not do the right thing," he says.

The Council also adopted other changes to local laws this week, which include allowing dogs to be off their leads at Apex and Queens Park.

The penalties for illegally parking in a disabled spot were increased to $533 and residents with blocks between 700m² and 4000m² are allowed to have up to 10 birds on their property, including ducks and geese.