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Commonwealth commits $20 million to bolster resource exports and secure jobs


The Federal Government has committed $20 million to find new markets for Australia’s resources and technology and to diversify exports. 

Minister for Resources, Water and Northern Australia Keith Pitt launched the global resources strategy in Townsville this morning saying it will help strengthen exports and secure jobs for years to come.

“We can continue to ensure that the jobs that 260,000 plus direct jobs in the resources sector are maintained in coming years and coming decades,” Mr Pitt says.

“In regional areas, one in four jobs rely on trade and our export markets and over 50 per cent of our trade comes from the resources and energy sector,” he says.

“There’s more than a million jobs direct and indirect right across the country associated with the resources sector, so we want to see that increase."

He says the strategy aims to capitalise on the global demand for coal, with consumption set to rise over the next decade.

“[It’s] about ensuring that we can continue to expand particularly into south east Asia.”

“The strategy is about doing everything we can to open up those trade markets."

He says there is also optimism in other critical mineral markets.

“The iron ore sector is literally booming and we’ve got more opportunities around critical minerals and gold.”

“Australia’s resources and energy exports are expected to reach a new record in terms of exports this financial year.”

The strategy is also set to support the alternative uses of commodities and will put Australia’s mining engineering, technology and services sector under the spotlight.