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Bowen is a step closer to getting a CT scanner as hospital upgrades begin


Health services in Collinsville and Bowen are set to be improved thanks to the Federal Government.

The Commonwealth is spending $7 million to build a new medical imaging wing at the Bowen Hospital, meaning patients will no longer have to travel to Mackay, Proserpine or Townsville for a CT scan.

Member for Dawson George Christensen says when locals need a CT scan for cancer, stroke, or heart conditions they would either be taken by ambulance or have to drive themselves.

“When people are very unwell, that is the last thing they need, and there are considerable costs in both time and money to undertake that transport," Mr Christensen says.

Construction is now underway on the project, which also includes an expansion of the hospital’s dialysis services.

Member for Dawson George Christensen says the community has been calling for a CT scanner since 2018.

Health Minister Greg Hunt says while upgrades to health facilities should be covered by the State Government, he was happy to “get the ball rolling” due to strong representation from Mr Christensen.

The new wing is set to benefit 800 patients in the Bowen and Collinsville region and is expected to be completed by December this year.