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Anger over planned power outages in Mackay CBD


A planned six-hour power outage is causing concern for a Mackay business owner, who is demanding the works be rescheduled.

Canegrowers Mackay Chief Executive Kerry Latter, received a letter last week explaining his power supply will be cut between 8am and 2pm next Thursday.

66 customers are expected to be impacted.

Mr Latter is imploring Ergon Energy to move the works to a weekend, outside of business hours.

"If it's not rescheduled or they don't bring in one of their power units to generate power in the interim, without power businesses will not be able to operate - they'll have to close,"

"For us here at Canegrowers, none of our growers during this important harvest season will be able to contact us because our phones run through our computer network and need power," Mr Latter says.

An Ergon Energy spokesperson says the entire CBD is undergoing critical network maintenance and a major substation upgrade, to improve its safety and reliability.

"Customers are always notified before a scheduled power outage so they can make arrangements, including hiring generators.

"While the impact on customers is taken into account when planning network maintenance, we also have to consider the volume and nature of the work and the most efficient and economical rostering of crews.

"It is not possible to schedule every outage for outside business hours.

"While Ergon is under no obligation to provide generators to affected customers under these circumstances, we will consider any requests from businesses and support them where possible."

A number of outages have been scheduled in and around parts of Mackay over the next five days, for more visit: