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Winter tips to keep your fur babies warm


Don't let your fur babies freeze. 
That's the call from the RSPCA as temperatures plummet this week. 
Spokesperson Emma Lagoon says there are simple ways you can help them keep warm.
“Our pets feel the cold too, obviously keeping them out of the elements so away from winds and drafts," says Ms Lagoon. 
"If you can bring your pets indoors, that's a great idea, helping them keep rugged up and elevating their beds as well so they are away from those drafts.
"If you can improve your pets bedding this time of year as well, so a nice cosy spot, extra blankets, warm bedding and even dog coats and horse coats do help at this time of year." 
RSPCA Queensland’s Chief Veterinarian, Dr Anne Chester says it is important to remember elderly pets in winter too. 
 “If you notice your pet is showing signs of discomfort associated with arthritis, you should take them to your vet," says Ms Chester. 
“Some symptoms could include stiffness, chewing or licking certain joints, difficult walking up or down stairs and noticeable behavioural changes.”  
As the cold weather is expected to hang around, Ms Lagoons says local RSPCA shelters are calling for donations to help keep pets in their care warm. 
“When you’re caring for hundreds of pets every day, our teams are always in need of fresh bedding, coats and blankets," says Ms Lagoon 

"In Mackay we are looking for some more blankets and large dog coats for pets in care." 

[Images: Supplied - RSPCA]