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National blood supplies are dwindling as cancellations soar


Locals are being encouraged to roll up their sleeves with an extra 75 blood donations needed in Mackay this week. 
Australian Red Cross Life Blood spokesperson Belinda Smetioukh says they are in desperate need of supplies.
"That is because we are seeing a huge amounts of cancellations and no shows due to sicknesses, colds, flu and Covid are really on the increase," she says. 
Ms Smetioukh say they don't just need blood donations. 
"We also need platelets as well, they have a really short shelf life and it's a component of your blood," she says. 
"So all types of blood are needed and all types of donations are needed as well."
Ms Smetioukh says the flooding in New South Wales is having an impact of the shortage of donations. 
"We are actually having to transport blood products from Queensland down to New South Wales to support them."