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Motorcyclist allegedly caught speeding almost 50km/h above limit


Mackay's Highway Patrol Group allegedly detected a motorcyclist travelling at high speed through Ooralea on Thursday night.

Officers were performing tactic speed enforcement on Broadsound Road when they allegedly clocked the male rider travelling at 126 kilometres an hour in an 80 kilometre an hour speed zone.

The 26-year-old man has been issued with an on the spot fine of $1653, which has resulted in the loss of 8 demerit points and a 6 month licence suspension period.

Senior Constable Steve Smith is urging motorists to drive with common sense and obey speed limits.

"Being stopped by police, being fined, losing your drivers licence - these are not pleasant experiences.

"But when you are speeding far worse and totally different outcomes are also possible," he says.

Image: Supplied by Queensland Police Service